Doberman Pinscher

We should handle our Dobermans not the other way around. We should be ordering them to do our bidding, instead of us cowering at their very presence. But of course, this is not an easy deed. They are loyal and brainy but we do not expect those features to come in handy once we bring them home from the store. So let us make Doberman training fun and easy with these simple words of advice:

1. Start when they are cute little Dobermans.

Get a Cute little Doberman instead of big full grown ones. It is easier to handle and control a Doberman the size of a ball, than a Doberman which stands half your size. It is also easier to train a Doberman pinscher at this stage since they are still learning their way in the world. They do not have a character yet, that is why they have YOU to mold them based on how you want them to be.

2. Love your Dobermans

Love begets love and a lot more. If you show your Doberman you love and care for them, they will give you back the affection. We are training Doberman pinschers to be loyal. But we have to GAIN their trust and loyalty the way we woo our wives. Not by forcing loyalty out of them; or simply commanding them “Be Loyal!” Spending time with your dogs, playing with them and handling them gently are just some means of showing them your affection. And in return, they will give you their loyalty and affection as well.

3. Create a Friend out of your Doberman and not a mere Bodyguard.

People usually buy dogs because of the misconception that they make good bodyguards. Take note: they are only protective and loyal to those people who take care of them and spend time with them. Training a Doberman includes befriending your dog; make him your buddy and not just a Body Guard. Do not expect your dog to protect you when you just see him once in a blue moon.

4. Involve Your Kids and Love ones.

You have read it right. It is safe to involve your kids in training Doberman Pinschers-as long as they are still puppies. It has lots of benefits actually. One, you are not just spending time with your dog, but with your family as well. Second, your kids learn to care and handle the dog. Lastly, your Dobermans would feel as part of the family and would extend his loyalty to them as well.

Doberman Training is fun as long as you have the right motivation and purpose in mind. Let us not mistreat our Dobermans and be gentle with them. They can be menacing but if the family knows how to train a Doberman pinscher properly, they can be the most loyal and dependable buddies.